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Age 749, October 17, Just Before Dawn, Korin’s Tower


As I stood upon the hallowed ground of Kami’s Lookout, the serene beauty of the sky sanctuary filled me with a sense of determination. With a focused breath, I began my kata.

I started with a series of punches, each strike propelled by the strength of my core. My fists cut through the air with a swiftness that belied their power, the sound of impact against the air echoing softly against the swaying bells in the distance, filling the air with a light jingle every few seconds.

Transitioning seamlessly, I unleashed a flurry of kicks, my legs moving with the grace of a dancer. High kicks, low kicks, each one delivered with pinpoint accuracy, the force behind them enough to shatter large boulders.

But it was the claw strikes that truly defined my kata. With a fierce intensity, I extended my fingers into lethal weapons, slicing through the air with razor-sharp precision. The energy within me surged with each strike, channeling the primal fury of a tiger unleashed.

As I continued, I lost myself in the rhythm of my practice, the world around me fading into nothingness as I embraced the power within.

I stopped for a moment, realizing my breath was now coming in ragged gasps.

“Not…” I said between gulps of air. “Good enough.”

I waited for a few moments before resuming my training. The air up here was thinner, lighter, challenging me in ways I hadn’t expected. My lungs burned as I struggled to draw in enough oxygen, my movements becoming sluggish and uncoordinated.

Frustration threatened to overwhelm me, but I pushed it aside. This was just another obstacle to overcome, another challenge to conquer. With renewed determination, I pushed myself to keep going, to break through the wall of discomfort and find my true strength.

And as the Sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over my surroundings, I forced myself to train until, finally, I fell to my knees, no longer able to resume.

I welcomed the cool touch of the stone beneath me, a stark contrast to the heat of exertion that radiated from my body. My chest heaved with each labored breath, my lungs burning for the precious oxygen denied by the thin air.

Closing my eyes, I focused on the rhythm of my heartbeat, willing my body to relax despite the fatigue that threatened to overwhelm me. Slowly, the frantic pace of my pulse began to steady, a calmness settling over me like a comforting blanket.

At this rate, I’m going to kill myself from exhaustion before Chichi is even close to being healed! I thought with a small, mirthless smile.

With a deep sigh, I pushed myself upright, the muscles in my legs protesting as I rose to my feet once more. Ignoring their protests, I began to stretch, knowing what would happen if I didn’t.

I didn’t want a repeat of what had happened two days ago.

With fluid motions, I reached up and stretched my shoulders before bending forward, my fingers brushing against the tiles as I folded myself in half.

Next came the twists, each rotation sending tendrils of warmth coursing through my tired muscles. I twisted to the left, then to the right, feeling the tension slowly release with each turn.

Finally, I sank into a deep lunge, my muscles screaming in protest as I pushed them to their limits. But even as I felt the burn, I welcomed it, embracing the discomfort as a sign of progress.

“Done.” I said as I went upright again. “Hopefully that’s enough, this time. Time for a bath.”

Minutes later, I stepped into my assigned bathroom. It was quite the spacious affair; the warm glow of candlelight danced across the tiled walls. With a weary sigh, I closed the door behind me, shutting out the world beyond as I sought solace in the comforting embrace of the tub.

The sound of rushing water filled the air as I turned the faucet, watching as the steaming liquid cascaded into the tub below. The scent of lavender and jasmine mingled with the steam, enveloping me in a cocoon of tranquility that washed away the cares of the day.

With a contented sigh, I lowered myself into the water, feeling the heat seep into my bones with each passing moment. The tension that had knotted my muscles began to melt away, replaced by a sense of profound relaxation that seemed to seep into every fiber of my being.

Closing my eyes, I let myself drift, the gentle lapping of the water against the sides of the tub a soothing lullaby that carried me away on a tide of serenity. For a time, there was nothing else in the world.

As I basked, my mind drifted, wandering down paths I had wanted to avoid before. Thoughts of my weaknesses, my sudden shortcomings, danced at the edges of my consciousness, their presence impossible to ignore in this moment of vulnerability.

With a heavy sigh, I opened my eyes, gazing up at the white tiles that adorned the ceiling above. Each one seemed to mock me.

Instinctively, I reached upwards and called up my menu, its ethereal glow casting a soft light in the dimness of the bathroom. With a flick of my finger, I navigated through the myriad options before settling on my character sheet.


Name: Ten
Occupation: The Gamer
Level: 39 (32,500/52,000 XP)

Race: Human
Age: 14

HP: 61,075 [Dyspnea]
MP: 54,450
Ki: 82,320

STR: 145 ; [304]1/2
VIT: 157 ; [324]1/2
AGI: 200 ; [405]1/2
INT: 136 ; [197]1/2
WIS: 132 ; [191]1/2

Points: 5

Battle Power: 170, [344]1/2


“Dyspnea…” I mouthed the word, not for the first time that week as I tapped my finger onto it. A smaller window popped out, adjacent to the status condition.


Dyspnea: A status condition in which you are not able to breathe fast or deeply enough, which massively increases the chance of reaching the point of exhaustion much sooner.

-50% To All Stats


Now, while it seemed like a ridiculous reduction to my attributes, I assumed that, once I got used to the atmosphere up here, it would no longer be a problem— especially considering the fact that [Gamer’s Body] allowed me the ability to ignore any form of physical exhaustion for hours on end, while muting the pain.

Well. I thought darkly, looking away for a moment before focusing back on the menu. Used to allow me the ability.

With the same sense of dismay I’d been feeling for the past week, I navigated to my skill list, scrolling through the options until I found what I was looking for: [Gamer’s Body].

I paused for a moment, my finger hovering over the skill, before I tapped it, bringing up the description that appeared before me.


Gamer’s Body (Lv Max/Passive): Grants a body that allows for the user to live in the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP and all status effects.*


It was a simple description that went straight to the point, the concerning part was the relatively new addition at the end— the asterisk. It hadn’t always been there. I had only noticed it on my second night here when I’d grown tired, but I didn’t give it much thought until the next day, where I accidentally harmed myself, drawing blood.

That got my attention, and quickly.

I pressed on the asterisk at the end of the skill description, and my menu shifted, opening up a new box of information beneath the original. With a sense of apprehension, I once again read the contents.


*Due to reaching an endgame zone on the Earth, the tutorial phase of The Game has concluded. As a result, certain aspects of the system have been adjusted. Among which, 

[Gamer’s Body] will no longer resist the effects of tiredness, poison, hunger, and other harmful status conditions.


Just as they had the first time around, the words hit me like a physical blow, their implications sinking in with startling clarity. No longer would I be shielded from the harsh realities of this world by the protective barrier of my skill.

But it was more than that.

“The tutorial phase has concluded.” I reread the words for what was probably the hundredth time that week. “The tutorial phase.”

Even now, I could feel the shock going through my veins like a lightning bolt.

What the ever living hell did the menu mean by ‘tutorial’!?

I had stared down death itself, saved my father and the world from unimaginable peril, and gone head-to-head with some of the most powerful beings on the planet. And that was all just the tutorial?

The thought was staggering, leaving me reeling with disbelief. How could everything I had faced, every battle I had fought, have been just a warm-up?

As the weight of the revelation settled upon me, a sense of dread gripped my heart like a vice. If everything I had faced so far was merely The Game’s idea of training wheels, then what kind of  horrors awaited me beyond the confines of the Earth?

Images of mighty warriors, beings of unfathomable power, filled my mind, each one a colossus compared to my own seemingly meager strength. I felt like a flea facing down a charging rhinoceros, utterly outmatched and outclassed in every conceivable way.

Most people I knew, in general, had Battle Powers below fifteen— my mom, everyone at my school… Normal, everyday people weren’t rated particularly high by The Game.

Martial artists, depending on their level of proficiency and strength, had Battle Powers which ranged anywhere from twenty to over a hundred, with the exception of Master Roshi and other masters, who seemed to have been honing their combat senses for decades— centuries in Master Roshi’s case.

The foes I’d faced in the Demon Realm had been considered to be low-level, but even then, they had been quite powerful; in relation to humanity, of course.

Whereas the average person’s power ranged from 2 to 10, even your average low-ranking Demon Knight was easily over 150, if I remembered correctly.

More than that. I thought. When the Red Ribbon Army started injecting its people with the Greenlight Serum and other treatments, it quite literally made some of their people stronger by a factor of five— even ten, for a few!

My eyes turned to where I imagined Kami was working. How strong was the real, complete thing, then? I had no idea how powerful Kami truly was, but a creature with his range of abilities was surely no cakewalk, even if his Battle Power equaled mine.

Namekian. I repeated the word in my mind. Rapid regenerative powers, a natural grasp on both magic and Ki, powerful telepathic abilities, and who knows what else…

I’d grown up on stories of King Piccolo, wiping out entire nations for sport as he terrorized the world. It seemed like anything which came from outer space was altogether too powerful for our people to even consider contending with.

That wasn’t even mentioning Son Goku and his monstrous transformation into a gigantic ape— Don’t even get me started!

I huffed and did my best to gather my thoughts. How could humanity stand a chance against such formidable foes? How could I? The thought gnawed at the edges of my sanity, threatening to consume me with its suffocating weight.

The truth was plain to see: our people were but mere mortals, weak pawns in a game played by forces we could scarcely fathom. Hell, in a twisted way, the actions of the Red Ribbon Army began to make some sense.

Considering their progress with their genetic enhancement, they would have studied King Piccolo’s genome thoroughly and concluded that, without a shadow of a doubt, he was likely not of the Earth. Judging by Kami’s age, I could assume that Piccolo was just as old and withered.

And yet, his DNA could still enhance people to extreme levels, indicating that a younger specimen of his species would likely have been far superior in power. That wasn’t even considering what else could be waiting for them out there.

So, faced with the looming specter of possible adversaries capable of laying waste to entire civilizations with but a thought, it seemed only natural that they would resort to drastic measures to protect their own interests.

In a universe where strength reigned supreme, only a fool would be so naive as to do nothing in the face of such overwhelming power.

The Red Ribbon Army’s pursuit of strength, their relentless quest to harness the powers of humanity’s most well-known enemy, suddenly almost seemed less like madness and more like a desperate bid for survival.

And yet, even as I grudgingly acknowledged the twisted logic behind their actions, I could not condone the atrocities they had committed in the name of their cause. The lives lost, the suffering inflicted— it was a price too high to pay, even in the pursuit of power.

A surge of righteous indignation rose within me. Yes, the Red Ribbon Army may have justified their actions in the name of strength and survival, but their methods were undeniably evil.

They trampled on the rights of others, seizing territories and crushing any who dared to oppose them. Their lust for power knew no bounds, and they showed no mercy to those who stood in their way.

In their reckless pursuit of dominance, they had plunged the world into a bloody war, a conflict that claimed lives by the minute and left devastation in its wake. Families torn apart, even a few cities reduced to rubble— this was the legacy of the Red Ribbon Army, a stain upon the fabric of humanity itself.

As I grappled with the myriad threats that loomed on the horizon, a sense of overwhelming uncertainty threatened to consume me. Threats at home, from the Red Ribbon Army and their insidious machinations, and the possibility of even greater dangers lurking beyond the confines of Earth— it was impossible to say which was worse.

Amidst the chaos and confusion, however, I knew that I could not afford to succumb to fear and apprehension.

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and focused on the rhythm of my heartbeat, letting its steady cadence anchor me in the present moment.

Chichi is safe. I thought. I’ve destroyed a Red Ribbon facility, weakening them for the time being. Chichi will be well on her way to recovery in a few weeks maybe, judging from what Kami was saying.

Things were not as bad as they seemed in my mind.

That was the root of it all; my mind. I needed to focus on what I could control, and not on outside forces I could not.

True, the threats were daunting; true, the odds were being stacked against me.

But I refused to be paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. They would not defeat me so easily. I raised my arm out of the hot water, watching as rivulets raced down the length of my flexing bicep before turning my gaze to the menu before me again.

If I couldn’t rely on [Gamer’s Body] to shield me from the deleterious effects of my own training and my foes’ attacks, then I would have to adapt.

I needed to train my body to adjust to the setbacks I faced, to become more efficient in my movements while still striving to grow stronger. It was a tall order, but I was capable of reaching this goal. I’d gotten this far, hadn’t I?

I’ll need to keep working on my training regimen. I thought. Space out my workouts, realize what my limits are and push beyond just enough to make me stronger, but not to cripple my body.

It was odd, I’d reached this level of my training without any concern for that sort of thing, and yet I was far more powerful than most of the people I’d fought. Was this The Game’s way of ensuring that I had as few barriers of entry to the ‘real game’ as possible?

No matter.

Whatever the reason was, I no longer had those benefits. Starting back from the very basics was likely to be a slow and arduous process, fraught with great frustration, but I would have help.

Much like my foes, I wasn’t alone.

And with that, I closed the menu, letting the words fade into the recesses of my mind. If the Red Ribbon Army was going to make a bid for the world soon, then I needed capable allies. In my mind’s eye, I saw all of the friends and allies I’d made— Chichi and her father, Master Roshi, Mark, Dyran, Aira, Akkuman, Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, and a few others. 

I’ll need to have a word with Kami.


Kami, Guardian of the Earth

Kami stood in a well lit room of the Lookout, his form bathed in the soft glow of his own energy. With a solemn expression, he extended a glowing hand over Chichi’s forehead, channeling what little healing energy he had into her weary body.

Healing hadn’t been a skill he was an expert in, but he was certainly leagues ahead of nearly anyone else on the planet. Chichi’s condition was also something he was uniquely qualified to treat.

As he worked, a pang of sorrow tugged at Kami’s heart. This young woman had endured so much, her body and spirit worn down by the trials she had faced. And yet, despite the pain that wracked her body, her mental resilience was nothing short of astounding.

Through the haze of her suffering, Kami could sense the strength of her spirit, a quiet resolve that burned brightly amidst the darkness encroaching each side of her psyche.

But even as he marveled at her resilience, Kami knew that her efforts alone would not be enough to win the day. Even as diminished as it was, Piccolo’s essence was powerful, and it would not be waylaid so easily.

Kami paused in his healing efforts, allowing himself a moment to rest and recuperate the energy he had expended.

The glow faded, and the steady hum of his power slowly gave way to his charge’s shallow breathing.

Gazing at the girl, Kami couldn’t help but wonder what kind of threat Chichi would have posed to the world had Ten not brought her up to the Lookout.

Her potential for destruction, fueled by the serum coursing through her veins, was a terrifying thought— one that filled Kami with a sense of unease.

Not for the first time, Kami cursed the existence of his other half.

The Demon King, Piccolo, had left a legacy of chaos and destruction that continued to haunt the world to this day.

And now, however inadvertently, it seemed, his influence had reached even into the heart of the Red Ribbon Army, spawning a new breed of terror that threatened to engulf the world in darkness once more.

But as Kami’s gaze lingered on Chichi’s troubled features, a flicker of hope stirred within him. Perhaps she could be the one— resisting Piccolo’s influence was no small feat. There was a powerful goodness within her heart, a light that refused to be extinguished.

As Kami contemplated the path ahead, he felt a sense of resolve settle over him like a comforting cloak, and resumed his healing process.

Things were not as bleak as they seemed. Despite any doubts or misgivings he may have harbored, this young woman had the potential for greatness— and so did the boy who brought her here, even if he may not be the ideal choice for Kami.

The wizened guardian knew without hesitation that Ten was their best chance at dealing with the looming threat posed by the Red Ribbon Army and the dark legacy of Piccolo.

Though Ten was not as pure of heart as Kami had hoped, he possessed a strength and determination that were undeniable. With the proper guidance, Kami believed that he and Chichi could tap into their full potential and become the heroes that the world so desperately needed.

More than that, helping Chichi would also serve to bolster Ten’s resolve and focus, and make the boy more receptive to Kami’s teachings. By alleviating the burden of worry and distraction, Ten could devote himself fully to his training, honing his skills and preparing himself for the future threats ahead.

It was a somewhat manipulative, and even somewhat distasteful practice, but Kami had had to make many such choices in the past to keep the world safe from any significant threats.

With his potential… Kami thought and pondered the enigma of Ten’s sudden rise to prominence. It was true, by all accounts, that just a year ago, Ten had been nothing more than an ordinary child living in the southern region of the Earth.

He had shown no particular aptitude or talent for anything out of the ordinary. The only thing of note about him had been his father, an unlikely hero who had once saved the world from the brink of destruction.

And yet, somehow, in the span of that single year, Ten had transformed from a boy of ordinary beginnings into a force to be reckoned with. It defied all logic and reason. Kami couldn’t help but wonder: what had given him this power, this sudden awakening of his potential?

True, he knew that Ten’s power involved some kind of warping of the reality around him, allowing him to increase his physical and mental attributes, but its source eluded him.

It was a testament to the extraordinary potential unlocked by Ten’s unique ability, his “Gamer’s Body”.

Through sheer determination and relentless training, he had surpassed all expectations, achieving feats that even the most seasoned warriors could only dream of. Yet, despite his incredible achievements, Ten’s current attitude of dismay at being “nerfed”, as he had strangely put it, struck Kami as troubling.

It was clear that the adjustment to his abilities had shaken his confidence, casting doubt on his own strength and abilities.

Ten was capable of overcoming this setback; this, Kami knew. The boy had faced adversity before and emerged stronger for it. With the proper guidance and support, there was no doubt in Kami’s mind that Ten would rise to the challenge once more, reclaiming his rightful place among the world’s greatest fighters.

The old guardian finished his ministrations on Chichi just as a gentle knock on the door reached his ears. With a faint smile, he called out. “Yes?”

On the other side of the door, he heard Mr. Popo’s familiar voice. “Kami, Ten is requesting your presence.”

“Is he?” Kami said, amused, before his expression smoothed over slightly. With one last look at Chichi, he turned and made his way to the door. “I’m available.”

As Kami followed Mr. Popo through the winding corridors of the Lookout, he adjusted his demeanor to something composed and formal.

Though he had been impressed by the boy, thus far, he still did not trust him enough to show any weakness. Such things took time, and dedication.

A few minutes later, they reached one of the training rooms. As Kami stepped into the tranquil room atop the lookout, his gaze swept across the familiar surroundings. The soft glow of the sunset bathed the room in warm hues, casting long shadows across the polished floors. His eyes fell upon the figure seated on the windowsill, silhouetted against the fading light.

There, bathed in the gentle radiance, sat the young human. Adorned in the emerald green gi Kami had fashioned for him, Ten’s blonde locks cascaded over his shoulders, and his piercing green eyes were fixed on the horizon, lost in contemplation.

Kami approached quietly, his footsteps muffled by the thick carpeting. As he drew nearer, he could sense the weight of the world upon the boy’s shoulders. Yet, despite the gravity of his journey, there was an unmistakable sense of determination etched upon his features.

“Lost in thought, I see.” Kami remarked softly, breaking the stillness of the room. The young man turned to face him, eyes wide in surprise as he attempted to get off of his perch.

“Don’t get up.”

The boy stopped, stared at Kami for a moment, and nodded, turning his attention to the outside world once again.

“Yes.” He replied after a moment, his voice carrying a hint of something that Kami couldn’t quite place. “I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned recently.”

Kami nodded and moved to stand beside him. He gazed out of the window, his eyes following the same horizon that had captured the boy’s attention. Together, they stood in silent contemplation for a few moments until Kami broke the silence once again.

“What was it you needed, young one?”

Ten turned his gaze back at the old guardian. He opened his mouth before closing it for a few seconds. Then, he spoke.

“Is Chichi well?” Came the awkward words, and Kami could tell that this wasn’t the boy’s real question.

“She is currently resting.” Kami said, allowing the boy this leeway. “Her spirit is surprisingly pure for someone so young. She will heal, in time, though it may take more than I had initially hoped. The programming and corruption is stronger than I’d hoped.”

“Yes.” He said, though his reaction to this news seemed subdued. “Yes, of course. No going around that, I suppose.”

Kami offered a sympathetic nod, understanding the weight of uncertainty that hung over them both.

“I understand your concerns, Ten.” Kami said softly, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. “But I assure you, we are doing everything we can to aid in Chichi’s recovery. With time and patience, I believe she will overcome this obstacle.”

Though the words were familiar, Kami hoped that they would offer some measure of comfort, and perhaps allow him to feel more comfortable in speaking to him.

“Thank you.” Ten said. “I don’t know what I would have done if she had continued on this path.”

“Likely, you may have found another way.” Kami said. “You’re a resourceful young man.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

“Though I sense that is not the reason you wished to speak to me today.” Kami said. “Go on.”

“I wanted to speak to you about a few training methods.” Ten said, though he avoided the guardian’s gaze as he spoke.

How odd; did the boy feel shame?

“It’s not for me.” Ten interjected, his voice uncertain. “But for my friends.”

Kami’s interest was piqued by Ten’s sudden change of focus, but he remained cautious.

“Your friends?” He echoed, his tone guarded. “I see. Tell me more about them, Ten. What is it that they seek to achieve through their training?”

As Guardian of Earth, Kami knew the importance of discretion when it came to sharing information with unknown individuals. He needed to be very discerning about these things.

Kami’s frown deepened as Ten hesitated once more. When Ten finally spoke, Kami listened intently, his expression grave.

“I have done my best, but I just keep falling short.” Ten admitted, his voice heavy with concern. “With what the Red Ribbon Army is doing, I can’t hope to fight them all on my own, no matter how much training I do.”

Kami didn’t say anything for a moment, and Ten took this as a sign to keep going. “Even if I become twice as strong as I am, I couldn’t stop attacks happening on multiple fronts. I can’t be everywhere at once.”

“And so you wish that your allies are granted further power to protect the world alongside you.” Kami said in conclusion. “A team of mighty heroes to defend the Earth, as it were.”

“Exactly!” Ten said, nodding in excitement. “That’s exactly it, sir.”

Kami nodded solemnly, understanding the weight of Ten’s words.

“I will say this: you are wise to seek assistance, Ten.” He replied, his tone serious. “No warrior can face such formidable foes alone. But tell me, who are these friends of yours? Can they be entrusted with such power?”

And so, Ten spoke of the people he had encountered on his travels and their potential to benefit from training at the Lookout, Kami listened intently, his expression unreadable. He weighed Ten’s words carefully, considering the implications of bringing outsiders into their midst.

Patiently, he heard the young man out, allowing him to fully express his thoughts and make his case without interruption— through his deeds, he had earned the right to, after all. Kami, however, made no offer of encouragement or reproach, choosing instead to maintain a neutral stance as he contemplated the boy’s request.

After a moment of thoughtful silence, Kami finally spoke, his voice measured and deliberate.

“I appreciate your candor, Ten.” He said, his tone neutral. “I will take your words into consideration and discuss the matter further with Mr. Popo. We will determine the best course of action moving forward.”

This didn’t seem like what Ten had wanted to hear.

As Ten’s hidden displeasure became evident, Kami couldn’t help but chuckle softly at the boy’s impatience. With a gentle smile, he reached out a reassuring hand.

“Be patient, young warrior.” Kami advised, his tone gentle but firm. “Your South City wasn’t built in a day, and neither will my decisions be made hastily. Trust that I will consider your request carefully and make the best choice for all involved.”

Though Ten may have seemed mature beyond his years, Kami recognized that he was still a young man, prone to impulsive decisions and impatient desires. It was a reminder that even the strongest warriors needed guidance and wisdom to temper their resolve.

As the young warrior smoothed his features and apologized for his momentary lapse in patience, Kami waved off his concerns with a reassuring smile.

“It’s all right.” Kami replied, his tone understanding. “We all have moments of frustration. Rest assured, your concerns have been noted, and we will address them in due time.”

“Yes, Kami.”

“Now, I believe it is getting to be that time.” Kami said. “You have been training hard, and so you must rest well.”

“Yes, Kami.” With a nod of gratitude, Ten accepted Kami’s suggestion to go and rest. With a final nod of farewell, he exited the room, leaving Kami and Mr. Popo alone once more.

As the door closed behind him, Kami turned to Mr. Popo with a thoughtful expression.

Mr. Popo observed Kami’s demeanor closely, sensing his reservations about Ten’s idea.

“You do not seem very convinced.”

“As perceptive as ever, Mr. Popo.” Kami said, giving the genie a rueful smile. “Perhaps the idea is too fresh.”

“I understand.” Mr. Popo replied, his tone calm and measured. “It’s true that we don’t have enough information about these individuals. We must proceed with caution and be vigilant in our observations.”

Kami nodded in agreement, his expression serious.

“Indeed.” He replied. “We cannot afford to put our faith in rogue elements. But if they prove themselves to be trustworthy, we may yet find ways to aid them in their endeavors. Yes. For now, I will watch.”

Kami just hoped that these friends were what Ten said they were.

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