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ASOIFAL Update! (and an important poll)

A Song of Ice, Fire and Lightning. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Here is Chapter 57: Interlude — Tyrion Lannister for the patrons.

I wrote three more chapters after this one but I stopped today, thinking that maybe I should rewrite the entire fanfic.

I’ve noticed so many opportunities I’ve missed; so many points of view I could have covered. I realize that my writing style also missed certain elements that would leave the reader blindsided when the reveals came alone.

There have also been bad writing decisions like Harry finding books in Torrhen’s Square— I was a much less experienced writer, then.

Another problem is that, when I did gain experience, my new writing style clashed horribly with my old. So people would jump from a chapter written a certain way, into another chapter that feels like it’s written by someone else.

The following question arises: should I rewrite this story?

As always, thank you all for the support. I appreciate you all!

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