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  1. ShadowPillow ShadowPillow

    I’m really glad. Really glad Absol and him can be there together; he has a true friend for life right there. Adam actually seems to find himself with plenty of unusual friends come to think of it… Helena, and Alef Alard, and Absol, are all the ones that know his secret. And then there’s Harry and Anthony and Mary, and then the others who are a little more distant from him. But I feel like him and Absol have something special.

    And the eye definitely seems to be linked to the Thestrals now, sharing the same sort of thread-sight they have. Now I remember Absol mentioning that in her vision, that the rest of the herd didn’t like Adam because he was different, disconnected to the threads. (I didn’t know what that meant at the time other than some assumptions about reincarnation, so my memory might be filling in some gaps here.) But she instead was curious about him, and so approached him. And here they are now, eh?

    Thanks for the chapter.

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