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  1. Ahtu Ahtu

    ?? Why is stealing blood from Fawkes his immediate go-to? He could 1, buy dragon/phoenix/thunderbird blood. 2, go and get the blood from one himself. 3, ask Ron/Hagrid to contact Charlie for him. Or even 4, just ask Dumbledore, and honestly state it’s to help the school – Quite literally.

    • Thanks for the review! I’ll answer your points in order:
      1) He doesn’t really have money
      2) I’m not sure what you mean, here; could you clarify?
      3) A possible route, to be sure. But Clarke, as you can tell, is a very self-sufficient and independent person. Asking for help doesn’t even register in his mind.
      4) Same answer as 3, but add a healthy helping of fear of the consequences to the pot!

      Hope this helps!

      • Ahtu Ahtu

        Ah, was expecting you to respond on discord instead. But this is indeed better.

        On 2, he could just go out into the world and farm it from any dragon – At whatever opportunity he can find. Judging by his skill, and relating it to the tournament participants – He should be capable of it, given a little preparation.

        As for getting money… Well he has future knowledge about their world and companies, not to mention well trained magical skills. Making enough money to buy some dragon blood shouldn’t be out of his reach. It’s not even nearly as costly as something like Basilisk Venom, or Phoenix Tears(probably due to how many dragons there are, and how much blood each has).

        I agree that option 4 has some possible long-term repercussions. And I could understand worrying about those. But they’re MUCH smaller than trying to harm his favorite pet of awesome utility behind his back.

        I somewhat question that theory of independance a lot. He still lives on ministry subsidies, relies on Quirrel of all people for advanced lessons(yes, I know there’s more to it), and generally exploits the schools resources wherever he can. I’d say it’s more that he doesn’t put his trust in others, than him not being willing to accept charity.

        • I’ll change my wording slightly.

          Clarke views himself as self-sufficient and independent, despite making use of government resources, which he sees as something owed to him as a citizen. He is also prideful— like me.

          And I recognize your solutions would work, but not in the short term. That’s why Clarke is panicked.

          I also think you’re highly overestimating Clarke’s abilities, as well as downplaying the difficulty of the task at hand by comparing it to the Triwizard.

          We can chat on my discord for more info on this. Just @ me.

  2. John John

    Clarke really needs to slow down a bit. Why on earth would he not tell Dumbledore at this point? The man is fully aware of Clarke’s potential and knowledge of the muggle sciences at this point. Would it shock anyone to realize that the kid wanted to turn invisible and started experimenting with it? As long as he’s not a cruel, murderous, sadistic asshole, Dumbledore isn’t gonna do shit except guide him away from things that might kill the school or other people.

    • Thank you for the review! The answer to your question is simple: fear!
      But, think of this scene more like a gross overreaction to some really bad news. Hope this helps!

      • Abe Abe

        Epic story so far. Clarke’s unreasonable fear seems pretty realistic to me if we consider that a 11 year old kid showing remarkable intelligence and wisdom (regardless of SI) would raise all kinds of red flags in the staff.

    • Ahtu Ahtu

      I agree, though I will accept the author’s explanation of it being fear that’s causing him to behave irrationally. Though personally I’d be more afraid of the proximity to Quirrelmort. I think his chances of slipping through Dumbledores net are much higher, and risk significantly lower. Because Dumbledore is overall a possible long-term risk. While Quirrelmort is an immediate deadly threat.

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