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  1. MagicWafflez MagicWafflez

    hm… being an orphan, it’s not gonna be blood he can’t attain with the resources he has currently….
    so ranked from least to most likely:
    1. Norbert/Dragon
    2. Troll (which is Quirrell’s test for the philosopher’s stone)
    3. Unicorn (*he* didn’t kill them, so yanno, no half-life)
    4. Basilisk (which is the most difficult tbh)

    it’s a toss up imo….
    I’m sad the castle is mad at him… i hope the room wont stay mad after he fixes it…
    I wonder what harry thinks of hitting another invisible person lol, how’s *he* like it? xD

  2. Myth Myth

    > I doubt that Dumbledore would allow anyone to snap Potter’s wand. If he did it for Hagrid, then he’ll do it for Harry.

    Is this a case of unreliable narrator? Because I’m fairly certain that Hagrid’s wand was snapped. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from changing things regardless; just thought I’d ask.

  3. John John

    I understand Clarke’s reticence regarding Dumbledore, but it’s already getting to the point where it’s clear to me that the benefits outweigh the risks. He has confirmation that Dumbledore know about the void, likely more than Clarke does. He’s advanced leaps and bounds with a top quality wizard talking to him once a week, imagine what he could do with one that was a proper teacher. Whether or not he actually talks to the man, Clarke should at least be considering it.

    • Thanks for the comments 🙂
      But, imagine if Dumbledore has darker secrets— or a more likely scenario; Clarke’s secret leaks and a giant target is painted on his head before he could even learn how to defend himself.

      Fear, however irrational, can stop some people from doing things which others find laughably easy or logical to do.

      Take care!

  4. 4REEEsearch 4REEEsearch

    I’m a patron but it won’t allow me to read the stories I’ve tried loging in both as Paton and as a member how do I fix this

    • Quick Quick

      Make sure to set your pledges as publicly visible in your profile settings.

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