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The Dreg Of Bellmead

Finding out there was a world of magic lurking right under his nose sounded like fun— until he made contact. Instead, Nevan has to fight for his survival in a world of monsters, blood sacrifice and death, as well as maintain his sanity when the voices of the souls he’d consumed begin to speak to him.

Table of Contents

1 – Soul Hymn
🔐2 – When In Solene…
🔐3 – Far From Home
🔐4 – Estris, Brak and Lena
🔐5 – The Wellspring
🔐6 – A Mysterious Encounter
🔐7 – A New Cage
🔐8 – The Frightful Little Girl
🔐9 – A Daring Escape
🔐10 – The Somnian Remnant
🔐11 – A Thousand Ways to Die
🔐12 – The Dreg of Bellmead